Ian-leaf-bookThe great thing about Florida and perhaps the biggest attraction to some people is the fact that Florida is one of only seven states in America that does not tax individual wage income. How awesome is that? The state of Florida will, instead, work out a state corporate income tax. This doesn’t mean that you don’t pay taxes, you still do, just not as many as other states. You can still get in some serious trouble for not paying your taxes and if you do, that’s where Ian Leaf Tax Fraud business will come in handy for you.

Ian Leaf has also released a new book entitled, “Ian Leaf’s Starting a HFC Business at Home,” and in the table of contents, you can find some very important tax information needed since you’ll be running your own business from home.  The good news is that Ian Leaf Tax Fraud business is rarely ever needed in the state of Florida because of how much easier the taxes are on the citizens. People are much more likely to do stupid things because of harsh tax demands from greedy states such as North Carolina and New York.